Passenger Behavior Policy

Bus Code of Conduct

Valley Mover buses are open to the public however activities that jeopardize the safety, order, or rights of other passengers will not be tolerated.

  • No smoking on the bus
  • Disturbing or harassing other passengers or the bus operator is strictly prohibited. Fighting, throwing objects, pushing, shouting, and vulgar language are not accepted and is cause to be removed from the bus.
  • MP3, radio, CD listening is permitted if earphones at a low volume are being utilized so it does not disturb the other passengers.
  • Mobile phone conversations must be kept to low volume
  • Vandalism or graffiti to seats and other portions of the bus, bus stops, or transit facilities will result in automatic ban of riding the bus
  • Strollers and baby carriages brought onto the bus must be folded and stored out of the walkway.
  • Wearing roller-skates or rollerblades is prohibited on the bus.
  • Hazardous items such as flammables, uncovered glass, and explosives are never allowed on the bus.
  • Firearms are prohibited except when carried by law enforcement personnel.
  • Anyone who intentionally assaults a transit operator or destroys transit property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Refusing to pay fare will result in removal from bus
  • Blocking the aisles, doors, free passage or seating areas of other patrons is not allowed
  • Distributing handbills, political flyers, soliciting or panhandling on the bus is not allowed
  • Littering and creating unsanitary conditions is cause for removal
  • Service animals are welcome on the bus. Permits and registrations are not required. See below for more details
  • Large, bulky items longer than the distance from the floor to the ceiling are prohibited. Some large objects may be taken to the rear of the bus at the discretion of the bus operator.


Service Animals and Pets

 Public appropriateness

• Animal is clean, well-groomed and does not have an offensive odor.
• Animal does not urinate or defecate in inappropriate locations.


• Animal is clean, well-groomed and does not have an offensive odor.
• Animal does not urinate or defecate in inappropriate locations.
• Animal does not solicit attention, visit or annoy any member of the general public.
• Animal does not disrupt the normal course of business.
• Animal does not vocalize unnecessarily, i.e. barking, growling or whining.
• Animal shows no aggression towards people or other animals.
• Animal does not solicit or steal food or other items from the general public

• Animal is under the control of the passenger while on the buses and in transit facilities.
• Animal must be able to lie quietly beside the handler without blocking aisles, doorways, etc.
• Animal is not permitted to be on seats while on the bus or in transit facilities.
• Animal stays within 24” of its handler at all times unless the nature of a trained task requires it to be working at a greater distance
With any additional behavioral questions please contact customer service at (907)892-8800 option 8.